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Fire Guards of NY
584 Lafayette Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
United States
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Fire Guard is a great way to get back on your feet, and a long term fallback. Consistently training and hiring the job starts with your F-01 certification. Their one day class costs $50 and while unnecessary is recommended as the license test ($25) needs to be paid every time so if you fail it could be more expensive than the $75 to do both.

Job is simple but very specific. Show up on time, looking good, in uniform and log your books correctly. Don't fall asleep or wander off the job more than your allowance. Pay is $15/hr plus overtime. Fail on your duty will lead to immediate termination, but the requirements are simple and if you follow them you will be on the road to greater financial independence. Walk-in applicants ok or apply on their site.

Note: This should not be considered reliable long term work. You might have steady work for months or be without for just as many as it all depends on need. While this is a great way to help get you back on your feet we don't recommend this as a long term strategy. That said if the work suits you it can be a stepping stone if you move on to complete your OSHA, FLSD and other certifications as those hold more and higher paying opportunities.