Welcome to Wandering Aid

Wandering Aid (WA) provides services to displaced people. We define displaced people as those who are out of their element. Right now we include homeless, undocumented persons, amnesty or refugee seekers, victims of abuse and others - we are open to adding to this. 

Our first service is to connect people with the many services available in New York City, where we are based and estimate over one million people fit into our categorization of displaced people, based on available data. First to let them know what is available, and second to vet those services so people can know which are actually helping people in a safe, clean and healthy way. 

In the future we may also provide services where we find gaps. We also expect to advise and influence policy makers who aim for a more equitable society.

Currently our focus is in nyc. We believe the model is expandable globally so nyc is our first project but we look forward to expanding to other places. Everywhere in the world there are people in need of assistance and ideally we can help all of them find the assistance they need.